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Why Choose an American Goldendoodle?
Low to No Shedding - Great for Allergies - Great with Kids - Intelligent Assistance Dogs are some answers that you will soon see if you decide to visit with us and bring home this wonderful breed.
Many people love the tenderness of a Golden Retriever but not the shedding hair. Thus, you may select one of our American Goldendoodles because you want a dog that sheds less hair. Our American Goldendoodle is usually tolerable for those with allergies, especially an American Goldendoodle with a more non shedding coat. We breed for the "Classic" American Goldendoodle coat colors of white, cream, apricot, gold and red.
What is an American Goldendoodle?
In the 1990's breeders in North America and Australia began crossing golden retrievers with standard poodles. The purpose was to develop a guide dog suitable for the visually impaired and people with allergies as well as assistance dogs or therapy dogs. We refer to our American Goldendoodles as designer dogs as breeders may obtain dogs with "Hypoallergenic" coats along with more desirable genetic traits. Thus you will read about F1, F1B, F2 etc... Don't be confused by these classifications. It is merely to distinguish coats and genetic traits.
Because Poodles and Golden Retrievers are both highly intelligent, our American Goldendoodles are highly trainable! Our American Goldendoodles are very affectionate with people and other pets. They are human oriented dogs and tend to develop a strong bond with their owners. Our puppies are very calm and easy going. They are great family pets and are known to be especially good with children! I often refer to our American Goldendoodle's personality as Syrupy Sweet! They are always wanting to please their owners!
Have you ever been to the Circus to see one of the most highly trained dogs doing tricks, jumping through hoops of fire? Then you most likely saw a Poodle. These as well as the Golden Retriever are highly trainable dogs. Why does this matter? You will be so very happy when you throw a stick and notice it right back at your feet. Perhaps you are a water person, have a boat or live near a lake or beach. You will surely have a special bond with your new mate as they too love the water! You will surely love one of our American Goldendoodles if you have a disability and need a sweet service dog to help you with your everyday routine.