We treat our dogs humanely with love and adore living with and raising our dogs. We take our dogs and their families very seriously. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and encourage people to view our positive customer history with a reputable organization such as the BBB. There are many on-line reputation review websites who allow non-verified users to post comments that are false and untrue and should not be considered a reliable source. We are licensed and inspected and always welcome our inspectors. We conduct our business face to face with our families and customers, not on-line. We do not take on-line applications or monies. We do not sell our dogs on-line nor do we ship our dogs. We stand by our dogs and offer a Written Money Back Guarantee.

Many of our happy customers are featured on our website pages and many times on our front page! We are proud of some of the outstanding families that we have been honored to meet and become a part of your home! Who better to speak about their puppies than our customers! Our dogs are raised inside our home and not in a backyard kennel. Yes, they live with us not in a barn or cage outside. Our dogs are not raised in crates but all have nice roomy areas inside of our home. We do have a heated exercise kennel where our dogs can go outside and enjoy the fresh air, even in the winter months. We offer a safe friendly place where we raise our dogs with care and we are continuously improving our dogs home and environment.

Over those 30 years, we have raised a handful of different breeds and have concentrated mostly on hypo-allergenic breeds due to my illnesses and still do to this day. As a child, I was severely allergic to dogs and could not have one. As an adult, I found out about hypo-allergenic dogs and wanted to help give the opportunity of owning a dog to kids and adults with allergies and other illnesses which we do. We are a home-based breeder who currently raise a small handful of breeds ( 3 - 4 ) mostly hypo-allergenic breeds except for one, some of which we no longer raise. The greatest joy for us is to share our dogs especially with those who have illnesses and other life challenges. We know the difference that a companion animal can make in your life and can understand the positive life changing experiences a dog can bring into your home. We have had many of our dogs help families with their challenges of depression, anxiety, autism, children that are non-verbal, confidence builders of children with reading disabilities, diabetes awareness, and dogs that have gone on to become certified therapy and service dogs working with the families of the Boston Marathon and Newtown tragedies.

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We have been breeding for 30 years and are people that you can count on! We raise our Goldendoodle puppies by hand the old fashioned way and not in a kennel facility. Our Goldendoodle puppies enjoy being raised in our quiet country environment. Whether it be frolicking on our expansive lawns, romping in our frog pond or walks in our woodlands with us, our Goldendoodle puppies have the benefit of growing up in the fresh air of our private countryside estate. This makes for a sweet, laid back Goldendoodle puppy who is already used to living in a home and is well socialized and loving. They are the heart of our home! 

Our backyard consists of open and fenced in covered areas for our dogs as well as many open, wooded and pastoral acres for our dogs to run and enjoy. We have a lovely frog pond, a small horse barn which has only housed our horses and never any other animals.
Our visits consist of personally meeting you and your family along with finding out your family needs. Our visits usually last upwards of 2 - 4 hours per visit. We will educate you on the breed and how to care for your new puppy, introduce you to the parents so that you may see sizes, coats and temperaments and be sure that you are confident in bringing your new puppy home. Our customers have my personal phone number to use long after purchasing a dog and can call at anytime day or night.
The greatest joy for us is being able to share a dog that has once graced our home with you and your family.

We are responsible breeders and share the commitment with you and the devotion of giving back to people the joy that we have received from owning and enjoying our American Goldendoodles and their sunny dispositions. When you find a good breeder, it will pay off with a happy, healthy puppy. We offer you a "Written Money Back Health Guarantee". Our Health Guarantee also offers a Return Policy that says that we will take our puppies back for any reason. If you are unable to care for your dog at any point and for any reason, no questions asked, our puppies are able to come home to us. 
You will also find that we are available to you long after you purchase a dog from us with any questions that you may have or need suggestions or guidance!​

Our Veterinarian has purchased an American Goldendoodle puppy from us as well, her name is Sally!

For over 50 years I have lived in the small historic town of Sutton Ma. I have always preferred being with dogs whether I was at home or at a friends enjoying their favorite pooch. They are comfortable, enchanting and entertaining. I have dedicated almost 30 years of my life raising them, loving them and sharing them with family, friends and people that we have met over the years.